Please Help...Armhole Bind Off

I’m so glad I found this site! Unlike crocheting knitting is much more challenging. This is my first post so I couldn’t put a link but the pattern is on lionbrand’s site and is called:
“Free Knitting Pattern: Shawl Collar Pullover”

I am making this sweater and the instructions say:

Bind off 5 (5, 5, 5, 6) sts at beg of next 2 rows - 72 (80, 88, 96, 102) sts rem.

Does the instructions mean bind off 5 sts and then knit the remaining sts, or leave the remaining sts un-worked and simply turn to do the next row?

It looked like such an easy sweater I didn’t pay attention to the level posted but I can see there will be some challenges.:rofl: Thanks!

Welcome to KH! I crocheted for years before starting to knit. I understand where you’re coming from. You’ll bind off 5 stitches and then knit the rest of the row. Turn. Bind off 5 stitches and work the rest of the row. When you bind off count the number of times you pass a stitch over the stitch to its left. You’ll do the pass stitch over 5 times and have a loop on the right needle. This remaining loop will count as a stitch. If that confuses you, somebody else will explain it more clearly.

I found several shawl collar pullovers at Lionbrand, they may all be the same pattern worked in different yarns, maybe with different stitch and row counts. If you’re doing the kind of sweater I think you are, this is a good one for learning many things but not so complicated that you’re likely to let it slide into UFO land. Is this your pattern? I made a version of this one and want to do it again.

Thanks so much GG yep that’s the sweater in the link you posted. I promised myself I will get through this pattern no matter what and with a site like this I’m sure it will be possible. I now I’ll be doing a lot of knitting because it seems best for making clothes. I’ll let you know how it turned out when I finished. :knitting:

I’m glad I could help. We love to see what people make so feel free to share photos if you wish. Any questions you have, be sure to ask. Happy knitting! :knitting:

I started with sweaters, I have one OTN now, but I’m really addicted to sox! I realized that if I learned to knit I could make sox that I could wear in shoes. I have enough hand knit sox now that they’re all I wear in the winter. Crocheted sox are really only good for slippers IME.

GG how long does it take you to knit a pair of socks. It is definitely on my list of things I want to be able to master but I’m a little intimidated by having to use 4 double pointed needles right now. When I do master it I know they will make wonderful gifts and maybe I can even sell them there’s nothing like custom made socks

yes please, i want to know too… if i ever finish all the ones on my needles now, we can have a fastest socks in the PNW contest… you’ll win, but i’ll put up a fight :wink:

I can and do sometimes use DPNs for knitting in the round but typically I use long circular needles and do magic loop. I do my sox 2 @ time so they come out the same size. When you’re ready to know more about such things we’ll deluge you with info, links, videos, thoughts, opinions, etc. I really don’t know how long it takes me to knit a pair of sox. I’ll work on them and put them down and come back to them later. If I get serious about finishing a pair I guess I can do them in a little over a week, working on them as much as possible. I’d never consider selling my hand knit sox. I’d have to ask more than anybody would ever consider paying. I’ll give them away but I won’t sell them for what will pay me a penny an hour. lol

I concede already. You win. :mrgreen: Besides, you do fancy schmancy stitch patterns and I just stick with Plain Jane stockinette.