Please HELP - am stuck on first mitten

I am working on a tiny toddller mitten (free pattern here: ) and have just gotten to the thumb. I’m a bit confused.

Here are my instructions from this point (on the right mitten) [I have 28 sts on the needles at this point]:

K1, put next 5 sts on holder or thread, CO 5 using backwards loop CO, K around.

K 14 rounds

next round - SSK, K3, K2tog 4 times around. (20 sts)

next round - knit

next round - SSK, K1, K2tog 4 times around (12 sts)

next round - SSK, K1, 4 times around (8 sts)

Pull yarn through remaining sts, fasten.

Put 5 held sts on needle and knit across.

Pick up one stitch on each side and 6 sts from cast-on sts on top, giving you 13 picked up sts for thumb.


So here’s my confusion. I don’t understand where the “6 sts from cast-on sts on top” are going to come from. Maybe it will become clear when I get there, but for now I’m mystified. I’m assuming when I do the 5 backwards loop cast-on stitches (when I begin the thumb), I just knit those as a part of that round. So where will these new CO sts come from?

I’m sure I’m missing something really quite simple, but could someone please enlighten me?

I see your confusion. This is one of those patterns where I tell myself that I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I think you pick up stitches where you cast them on before to work the other side of the thumb.

Thanks, Ingy! I was hoping you’d see my desperate post and respond. I think what you are saying makes sense and I am hoping it will all become clear once I get there (I’ve never even picked up stitches before; in fact, there’s a lot in this pattern that is brand new to me!).

I may be back once I get there for more hand-holding!