Please help a newbie -how to read pattern

I started trying to make longies today and I’m already stuck - please help a very new knitter out. I started by casting on 84 stitches then worked K2 P2 for 3 rounds. The next round was K2tog, Yo and now I’m supposed to work K2 P2 for 4 rounds but this is where I’m stuck.

Do I go back to knitting all 84 stitches or do I knit just the 42 stitches I created after my last round? TIA!

Did you only to the k2tog? If I’m not mistaken, you were meant to do k2tog followed by a yarn over. That would keep the stitch count of 84 constant.
So I wouldn’t see any worries for the next round.

Could that be it?

No I did the yarn over after I did the K2tog. Then, when I started the next round I did start knitting each stitch but after doing a few I looked back and it didn’t look right.

Sorry if I don’t explain well but there is a loop in 3 of my last stitches. It looks like they are all connected now and that’s why I started second guessing myself thinking that maybe I was only supposed to knit 42 stitches instead. Do you think I just made a mistake somewhere along the way?

Sounds like a mistake to me, because everything makes perfect sense in my eyes, so I don’t really see where your problem lies, sorry about that.

It might also be that I don’t understand you really well.

If you do yarn overs, it’s normal that they are connected to the next stitch and much looser than other stitches, if that should be a concern. (Have you ever made something with yarn overs before?)

Yeah I’m not sure I’ve got the language down right, so, sorry if I’m confusing you. Now that I’m talking it out I really think I just made a mistake on the last few stitches. I think I’ll go look at the knitting tutorials to figure out how to undo my last stitches. Thanks for your help.

I’m sorry I couldn’t help you …

If you did k2tog then yo all the way around on that round, you should still have 84 stitches. You should then do the k2p2 on all 84 stitches. It will look a bit weird, because the yo’s create holes. Don’t worry about it, though, just keep going. There are supposed to be holes there. :slight_smile: