Please help a clueless husband!

I know it’s a bit late to be asking, but I’d like to get some help in picking out adjustable needles for my wife’s Christmas present. She’s only been knitting about a year but absolutely loves it. I’ve already gotten her a nice yarn bowl to go with the needles.

The name she’s mentioned when I sneakily probe for info is Knit Picks. I’ve looked at their website and saw several sets that all pretty much looked the same to me.

I don’t know what’s good, better or best, all I know is that my wife prefers her bamboo needles over metal but would be happy with whatever gets the job done. She’s mentioned that the clear plastic cable that connects her needles drives her crazy when it keeps curling up, too, so if that’s less prone to happen with one brand or another I’d love to know!

She’s mentioned Knit Picks because she said they’re the best balance of price and quality from what she’s seen.

Is that the best brand for a nice present, or is there another that would be recommended? And if at all possible, could someone link me to a good budget friendly set for beginners?

The really pretty Harmony sets might be nice. If you click on the Knit Picks link on this page, I think Knitting Help gets credit for the referral :slight_smile: That said, there’s a Harmony and a Caspian set of laminated birch ones right now for $54. Take a look:
You know what colors she likes best, but it looks like either of those would be a nice gift.

I don’t use interchangeables, but knittinghelp has some available in wooden tips.

I have both Knitter’s Pride and Knitpicks and both are great needles. If I was to choose only one set I’d now choose Knitter’s Pride for two reasons.

  1. They have the needle size imprinted right on the needle! It’s a little thing, but it’s nice to be able to see at a glance what needle size without getting out the needle gauge.

  2. I think the quality of Knitter’s Pride cables (cords) is a little better and more flexible. In recent years Knitpicks changed manufacturers and I’ve heard it affected the cables, but I have no personal knowledge on this.

Knitter’s Pride needles are linked in the previous post. They sell them here to help support the forum.

Thanks so much for the input!

I’ve decided that I’m still a bit clueless and will just be content giving her a yarn bowl with a few homemade coupons for some yarn and needles that she can pick out herself.

Thanks everyone! Merry Christmas!