Please Help - 1st project

Hi All, I am working on my first project…I have been TRYING to knit for nearly a year and gave up for a while b/c I was getting loops in my knit stitches, finally someone helped me and we thought we figured it out as to why I was doing that and last night started a blanket for our son due in 4 wks and was getting loops again…The stitches just don’t look right either…Any ideas as to what might cause this? thank so much!


The videos under the Basic Techniques tab should help.

If you are getting “loops” in your knit stitches you are probably either knitting to loosely or you are dropping stitches.

Do you have the same # of stitches on your needle right now from when you cast on?

yes, I have the same # as I begin with…thanks!

when I started I used a Fluffy Eyelash TYPE yarn
my crappy tension, and lose stitches were never noticed
it really si the worlds uglyest scarf, but its done, it has a BULGE onone side, and a Dip (that does not line upwith the bulge) on the other

once I was done with both balls of yarn, I felt more confident, I tried a different Fuzzyyarn
a real Eyelash
still forgivibg, olooked cool, but I could see the stitches better
now I feel VERY confident
and my Tension is consistent
try wrapping the yarn loosly around your index and Pinky fingers of the hand you throw with
I know I just add an extra loop to increase tension if I need it
you do not need to keep the yarn TIGHT from the last stitch, but tension does help

Good luck
sorry to go on annd on