Please! heeeelp!

I’ve started knitting some months ago because I needed something to really relieve some stress. My problem is I’m trying to learn how to make the V stitches referred to as the Knit stitch but really my problem is that every time I try to do the Knit stitch it always turns out as a purl stitch :thinking: . Even though I do the intructions exactly on the video for the Knit stitch and it still turns out as a purl stitch. Someone please help me! or is the knit stitch supposed to be that way?

Thank you so much in advance


Remember your yarn has to be taken to the front of the needles for purl and the back for knit. Perhaps maybe what you’re doing is using just regular knit stitches on every row and ending up with garter stitch. To get the “V’s” you need to alternate a purl row from a knit row. Here is an example:


The V’s are knits, and O’s are purls. That is really the only way to get your V’s. Give it a shot.


if you do nothing but knit stitches you aren’t going to see the bumps. do one row of knit one row of purl and you will see your Vs. it is called stockinette stitch and if you do a scarf or anything in nothing but stockinette the work will curl up. in some cases that is desireable (such as the hat i have been working on!) but if you don’t want that look then you will need to put a seed stitch (knit the purls, purl the knits) or garter stitch (all knit) or some sort of combo stitch border on your work.

If you are doing all knit stitches, it will look like little loops, some facing up some facing down (sorry, that’s kind of a bad description) BUT if you are doing knit one row, purl the next row, you will end up with the V shaped stitches on the knit side and the loop stitches on the purl side.

All knit is garter stitch. Knit one row purl one row is stockinette stitch.

On this page, the first picture (and many of the others) show stockinette stitch where you get the V stitches on the knit side.

And an example of garter stitch (knit all rows) is shown in the picture I’ve attached below.

Hope this helps.

Ooooh! I understand now!

Thank you Everyone Very much for all you your help! I really appreciated it. And KnitQueen I’m really loving that poncho! :heart: