Please go and vote

Yarn Ahoy is having a contest! Of course I’d love it if you voted for my Jaywalkers :teehee: …but there are other cool entries too! And great yarn to look at…so if you have a sec, please go and vote! (grey box in the right sidebar) Thanks!


I voted for ya’

Me too…they are so pretty, I love the colourway. :heart:

Thanks! I made those for Mulene :slight_smile:

Very pretty!! I voted :thumbsup:

I voted too! so pretty! lots of nice entries, but I like yours best…

I voted for you, Julie! The socks are beautiful.:heart:

I voted for you! :cheering: Those are beautiful socks!

Ooo, those are pretty, Julie, you got my vote.

Got my vote and love the color great jobcloud9