Please explain

I was reading a newsletter that suggested the following with regard to markers…

Also slip them from one needle to the other [B][I][U]as to purl [/U][/I][/B]and they won’t be as prone to flying off and getting lost

Why slip them as to purl rather than to knit? They’re just ring markers…


If you slip them as if to purl, you’re just transferring from one needle to the other. If you try to do it as if to knit, you will spin it around and it could fly off.

The fact that they said that confuses the issue. I think it’s natural to just slip them over. By specifying how to do it makes you think about it too much.

Yeah…once you have a few fly across the room, you sort of figure that out on your own. :slight_smile:

what Ingrid said. :thumbsup:
it can be way too easy to complicate things. just slip the needle in your right hand through the top of the marker on the needle in your left hand and you’re golden.
[SIZE=“1”]if you’re using the cheap lightweight rings, when you stick the second needle up through the bottom of the marker, you could actually end up unintentionally prying it up to the top of the first needle and watching it shoot across the room like a rocket. :shock: and can i just add that those little things are NOT easy to find on a chinese rug. :teehee: [/SIZE]

That’s just the natural way of doing it.

I never gave it any thought before! Who knew? (Well, not me, obviously!)


So that’s why I have so many markers down under the deck!!! They fly off and always hit the crack and down they go! I’ll try purling them off. My handmade ones don’t do that, though, 'cause they’re heavier. Good tip! Thanks! samm:muah: