Please explain these dec's

Hi everyone…Just completed this hat [COLOR=#d11010][/COLOR] First time doin 2 colors and reading a chart…Can you “color guru’s” take a look at the “chart” and explain the dec row to me? Chart 2 , on the first dec row …Do I k then ssk, k a few then k2tog? Cause I didn’t end up with 18 sts and it’s lookin kinda wonky? [B]Also, all of my dec sts are stickin out like a sore thumb…I can see them all over :aww:[/B] Thanks for any “help” for future “confidence”…:inlove: Cheley

Looking at the chart, the first decrease row is row 5 in which you k2tog with the MC the k1 with the CC then k6 with the MC then k1 with the CC then ssk with the MC

OOPS, Yea, wasn’t looking at the chart when I posted this…I see the dec row 5, After 5 dec rows is that when you should see a “dec” in your work too?