Please advise - collar, seams

so I finally finished the collar on the jawbreaker cardigan last night but now I am thinking maybe I should take it apart and start over.

because there are some gaping holes where I stretched some stitches and I did the regular lift over bind off on the fronts and back meaning to take it out and sew off but I forgot, and so those are showing underneath the collar (because I picked up from the WS). which ok fine it’s underneath the fold over part, but I don’t like it.

so my question is if I do the sewn off bind off will they go away? and is there any way to repair the holes now or would you just sew them closed?

sorry I’ve been having a tantrum about this the last couple days (if you’ve seen my disappearing posts).
last time, I promise.

secondarily, what about the seams on the insides of cardigans?
do you cover them up somehow or just leave them there?
(this one is kind of “open”.)
this yarn is worsted, maybe that was my first mistake?


You could block it first; that helps even out stitches quite a lot.


after many hours with a crochet hook, I hope the blocking will take care of the rest.
but how do you block something really when it has two layers?
it seems like it might be getting stretched out of shape a little, instead.
can I just fix that later or should I be worried now?

and I’m still wondering about seams? …



I read on grumperina’s pages about ironing the seams.
does anyone know whether when you “iron” them that means you are supposed to steam them, or just normally iron them?