Playstation 3 sackboy

Here is the Sackboy character from the Playstation3 game . It is an Alan Dart pattern.
My 8yr old just loves it :muah:

[SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Wow!! Great job!!![/COLOR][/SIZE]

Not having kids around I haven’t even heard of this guy, but he’s really cute!

He is cute Rita. Well done.

They’re so darn cute! And yours is no exception! Love it!!!

Thanks Everyone :slight_smile:
To be honest , i did not know what this was but the game is very popular and as the characters in the game are knitted i thought i would make one .
Luke does not even have a Playstation 3 lol but he still made me make one hahaha

Very cute!! I’ve never heard of this either, I’ll have to ask Isaiah if he has heard of it before. :thumbsup:

Hi Dustina ,
It is fairly new and i think he may be the new mascot for PS3.
Glad you like him :slight_smile:

I just love this little guy, Rita! How big is he?

How cute!! What a face. What, if anything, happens if you unzip him?

Thanks Cyndi:) He measures around 10 in high.

The zip has had glue put on the back of the zip and left to dry before being put on the toy. It will not open .
Glad you like him :slight_smile:

hes the main character for the game Little Big Planet

I was just about to say that! I should knit one up for my brother. He’s 22, but I’m sure he’d love it!

That is the name of the game lol , Thanks for that :slight_smile: