Playing Card Pattern

I’m looking for a pattern that has playing cards in it, or one that makes say a coaster, or placemat.
I play cards with a group of ladies every week and while we use a plastic card holder for the cards we also put a hotpad, or something under the holder so it slides easier on the table. I thought it would be cute to make something that looks like a card to put under the holder. I’ve looked online for patterns without success. Anyone have any ideas???

See if any of these will help-

Card suit charts…no idea about size of these charts

I bet I could do the dishcloth one and maybe change the colors to the black or red for the different suits and use white as the main color. I think intarsia would work for the design of the suits.

Sure, intarsia or even duplicate stitch. Be sure to show us what you get!

The idea of doing the face cards in intarsia is making me twitch and it’s not even my project!

Not the whole thing, just to make the suits stand out. It’s a dishcloth done in a solid color with the different suits done in what looks like garter stitch to make them stand out. Shouldn’t be that crazy hard to do. Not doing a whole afghan or sweater, just a small piece. :stuck_out_tongue: