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Today is my one week anniversary of knitting and I thought I would take the time to go back and learn the slip knot and the cast on to be sure that I got it down pat and I think I do.
As long as I casted on 24 stitches I thought I would make a scarf to go with the hat I just finished. I was going to knit one and purl one.
I just did the first row of knitting and when I go to do the next row I’m seeing purl stitches. The working yarn has to be on the top and to the right…am I right? So every time I start a row I would just keep knitting and it would end up knit/purl…knit/purl???
Am I confused or what>>>>>>>>??? LOL,

To do a rib stitch, just knit the knits and purl the purls. In the beginning few rows, though, it might be hard to see. So a rule to remember is–whatever stitch you ended the row with, begin the row with the opposite stitch.

For a purl, you just have to make sure the yarn is hanging in front of the work, so it is in front of your right needle. Make sure you don’t wrap it around the shaft of the needle or you’ll get an extra stitch.

Do you mean if I’m looking at my work and SEE knit I should knit again and if I am seeing purl stithes to PURL?
I did the first row with a knit stitch and when I went to do the second with a purl the first row looked like a purl.
We need a video cam. LOL.
It seems I understand very little but I’m trying. :slight_smile:

When you said you were going to knit1 purl1 I thought you were talking about stitches, not rows.

One thing to keep in mind is that the back of a knit stitch is a purl and vice versa. So if you knit a row, when you turn it around, you’re going to see the purls that were formed. At this point–forget that they were knit on the last row and just think of them as purls. They were knits in their previous life, they are purls as they face you.

What you’re doing is stockinette st–knit one row, purl one row–all the knits will be on one side and all the purls will be on the other side. So knit what you see.

BUT IT WILL CURL! In order to prevent curling, knit the first five rows–knit every row for garter stitch on those rows-- and then knit the first and last 5 stitches of each and every row. It will give you a garter stitch border and prevent curling.

I’m not getting all of this but a little.
I’m going to copy and paste this to keep for myself and read over and over. I have no clue what a garter stitch is. You have to remember my brain is almost empty. :slight_smile:
Thanks, I will do some video watching and some research.

Garter is just knit every row. Period. Nothing fancy. You get a ridge on each side every other row. Actually it’s what most knitters start out with. YOU made two hats. Don’t sell youself short. :wink:

Garter stitch is the fabric you get when you don’t purl every other row and just knit. It has alternate rows of ridges that hide the v’s that are between them. The ridges are sometimes called Purl bumps because when you alternate knit and purl rows, the bumps end up on the “Wrong” side or the Purl side of the work.

Edit: Oy, Ingrid, ya’ll are so fast ya’ put the rest of us to shame sometimes! :thumbsup:

Ingrid and Aidan,
When I did the hats I did all knit (which you call Garter) and it curled. Was it because it was round???
I’m not selling myself short. At least I don’t think so. I’m proud to have made two hats yes but I am honest to say I know very little on how I did it. LOL.
Yes, and Ingrid you are like lightening and OH WE NEWBIES so appreciate it.
Thanks girls,

Yet another point to remember–When you knit in the round, you DO knit every row, but because you’re always knitting on the front of the piece, you are getting stockinette stitch automatically–knits on the front, purls on the back.

When you knit back and forth, you have to put the knits on the fronts and purls on the back to get st st.

When you knit back and forth and knit every row, you are going one way and then back down the other–working the back and front separately–garter stitch.

It sounds confusing, but the more you do it and actually see it in your hands, the more it makes sense.

No, it curled because when you do all knitting in the round it becomes stockinette. The reason for purling on flat knitting is to get back to the other side without the bumps caused by all knit. Stockinette fabric curls because the stitches on one side (the purl side, I believe) an infintessimally smaller than the stitches on the other side. This means that they pull on the fabric, and make it curl. To prevent curling, you can do a few rows of garter stitch which is the same on both sides.

To do garter stitch in the round, you should mark the beginning of your round and knit one round. When you come to your marker again, purl that round. Repeat the knit/purl alternation for about 5 rows or so and it will create a band of garter stitch that will prevent your hat from curling. There are other ways to do this, but this is probably the simplest I know of.

Ok girls. I think I’m getting a ‘few’ light bulb moments.
I’ve saved all of this good info.
Thanks a bunch oh faithful ones. :slight_smile:

No problemo, just one thing…
I’m a boy. :wink: :XY:

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Sorry about that. Thanks for the help Mister. :thumbsup: