Planned Colour Pooling, wider base

Thanks to Anne of [URL=“”]Glamour-4-you[/URL], I can now make a PCP scarf, no worries ! :cool:

But …

I want to make a shawl.

I left the question in the comments on her site, but she responds to these only very occasionally; and it could be weeks before I hear from her.

Can anyone here tell me, please ?: when casting on, do I do as many complete iterations of the colour range as gets me to roughly the width I want, and go from there ?

OK, you can all rest easy. :wink:
Yes: all I had to do was repeat the colour range twice, which gave me lots of stitches. Then, in doing the moss stitch on the way back, I found that three iterations was about right - although I would’ve liked to do another but am unsure of having enough yarn.
Left with many chain, but who cares ?! :sunglasses:

M-R, you are our planned pooling guru and pretty soon you’ll have everyone in the pool!
I’m looking forward to seeing the shawl.

Salmonmac m’dear, I was actually wondering if it would be of use to members to post something that could be made into a sticky on this potentially troublesome topiic. :grin:
I have it boiled down, now, to where, provided I have a yarn that meets criteria, I can be absolutely confident of producing summat in a delightful argyle pattern. I could even provide a pic !
What d’you think, O wise one ?

Another excellent idea, M-R.

Guests to luncheon today, to mark the first day of daylight saving. Not. (I hate daylight saving !)
Will get onto it tomorrow.
Thanks for your support !