Plain vanilla pullover problem

i’ve downloaded and started the knitpicks plain vanilla pullover. i’m elbow deep (pun intended) on the first sleeve and the measurements make no sense. i’ve put a call in about it, but thought i’d spread the word in case anyone else is making it.

in the largest women’s size, it says to make 8 repeats of a 12 row pattern. basically, you’re doing straight st. st. for 11 rows, then increasing on the 12th row.

now. the gauge is 24 rows=4". so 12 rows=2", right? so if i have 8 repeats of 12 rows, 8 x 2"=16". add another 2 repeats of a 13-row pattern and you’ve basically added a little over another 4", right?

at that point, the pattern is supposed to measure 17" or thereabouts. but by my calcs, and actual knitting, it’s way above 20". gack!

just thought i’d give y’all a head’s up. just in case. :??:shrug::pray:

Does the picture show if it’s a drop shoulder sleeve? 20" or more from the wrist to the top of the shoulder, not the underarm, would be right.

but i’ve only knit as far as the underarm. :frowning:

Then you may not be getting 6 rows to the inch, but maybe 5 rows. If that’s true, go back to where you started increasing and increase every 2" even if it’s only 10 rows. Go by inches in this case, not rows.