Plain childs jumper pattern wanted

[b][i][color=indigo][/color] :smiley: Does anyone have a pattern for a plain, raglan sleeved jumper (not cardigan) to fit a 3 year old? pretty please :x:

Pam (in wet wales :frowning: )[/i][/b]

oops sorry, i forgot to mention i want to knit it in double knitting wool :oops:

also, bad english in first title, makes it sound like the child is plain :roflhard: shes actually gorgeous,lol

Pam (having blonde moments in wales :blush: )[/i][/b]

Here is a customizable pattern you can try to make any size in any gauge. I’ve never tried it myself to vouch for it, but it sounds like a great idea.

And here is another…scroll down to about page 5.

I see they both use inches and are not metric, hope that doesn’t make them too confusing!