Placket instructions

Hi, I’m a newbie!

My name is Barb, Annasmommy. I have been knitting for about a year and continue to try harder patterns every chance I get. I usually can figure out new directions, but I’m really struggling with creating a placket along a neckline. I just can’t figure out where to cast on the new stitches! Was I supposed to cast off more than the center stitch? My directions say to cast off the center stitch then cast on five rows on each side of the neckline. The pattern came out of the Easy Knitting magazine, Fall 2005. It is the mother/daughter cotton sweaters. Any one???
Thanks, Barb


Does it say cast on or does it say pick up the stitches on either side of the cast off stitch?

Hi Ingrid,
Thanks for replying. The pattern says to cast on 5 sts at each neck edge and work these in reverse st st. I am assuming that I will begin
to work in another skein for the separate sides.


I’m sorry, I’m still not clear. I get the feeling that you are, though, and that’s what counts. :thinking:

If I’m picturing this right, it sounds like you should have only cast off the center stitch. Then when you start on say, the left front (when looking at the sweater) you’d cast on five stitches then knit the rest of the side, so it would underlap (is that a word?) the right front by five stitches. Then when you do the right front, the additional five stitches will make it overlap the left front. So there will be a total overlap of 10 stitches, right? The placket is 10 stitches wide?

ETA I tried it…seems to make sense…

Hi Julie,

This is where I wish I had a working scanner :wall: but I would probably have to worry about plagarism. The description on the photo says it is ‘A rolled neckband bisected by a placket with a fold-under hem; eyelet holes are threaded…’. In the photo, the placket is not visible and the pattern in the neckline is the same as throughout the rest of the sweater. The way it appears to me, the placket folds back under the neckline as reinforcement for the eyelets; but do I just cast on extra stitches and then the reverse st st causes the placket to naturally turn under? And also, are the cast on stitches attached somewhere, or free floating?

Oh, also, my stitches run the other way than your stitches.


From that description, I’d guess that instead of overlapping the two sides, which would result in a traditional placket, you would fold them back…or they would fold back naturally, depending on the stitch, resultin gin a simple opening that looks finished. Does that make any sense?

Yes, It makes lots of sense! Thank You!