Placing sts on waste yarn

The pattern says, “Break yarn, place next 16 sts on waste yarn, rejoin yarn,” etc. What does that mean? If anyone would like to see the pattern, it’s at

The place where I’m stuck is the paragraph just before “sleeves.”


I wouldn’t do it the way they’d suggest. Too many breaks in the yarn and it’s not necessary. At this point, I’d leave the body on the needle, make the sleeves, put the underarm stitches from the sleeves on stitch holders or scrap yarn, work half the body sts, put the 1st underarm stitches on a holder, knit a sleeve, knit the other half of the body stitches, put the other stitches on a holder, knit the other sleeve on to the needle and now all of it’s joined together. Later you’ll match up the underarm stitches and do a 3 needle bind off.

In principle, I get what you’re saying, but the details are still beyond me. I’m going to print out your reply and take it, my pattern, and my WIP to the yarn store and see if someone can show me. Thanks very much.

The pattern is telling you to put those stitches on waste yarn as you will need to go back to them and use them later in the instructions. Rather than using waste yarn, you can put those stitches on a stitch holder.

You break the yarn before putting the 16 stitches on a holder (when you break the yarn, leave a tail of a few inches as you don’t want to have your knitting unravel), then once the 16 stitches are on the holder, rejoin the yarn after those 16 stitches, work the 74 stitches, then break yarn again etc as in the instructions.

Sorry if I’ve confused you further…

That was more straightforward than my answer, which was an alternate way to do the pattern. I just don’t see having 2 short pieces of yarn in there and 4 extra tails to weave in later…

Thanks, everybody. I ended up taking the whole thing to the yarn shop (needed yarn for the next project anyway) and got help from the staff there. I do pretty well with most written instructions, but every once in a while, I need to just see it done. I now know how to proceed up to the point where I join the sleeves to the body. Today, the buckle I ordered arrived; the sweater has a buckle on the yoke. The buckle is a gorgeous mother of pearl rectangular one.

Why would you not just knit the 16 stitches and then put them on hold? That way the wool is in the right place without creating 2 more ends. Does making an extra row cause so much trouble?

That’s what I was trying to get across. I can’t see a reason for the pattern to be written the way it is.