Placing sleeve sts on scrap yarn and other raglan questions

Hi there, new-ish knitter here working on my first top down raglan sweater.

I am knitting Knit and Tonic’s Girlfriend’s Swing Coat

First Question:
What is the best way to place stitches on scrap yarn? Do I knit directly onto the scrap yarn?

The pattern says "After placing sleeve sections on scrap yarn, you will continue stockinette,
and place markers to mark the center of each underarm (The B markers
may be removed). You will also mark the center point of the back.
Where is the underarm? I bet this is really lame question and I think I can figure it out but I keep second guessing myself :wink:

Thanks for the help!

The best way to put the stitches on yarn is to thread it through with a tapestry needle. If you knit it on, you’ll have a needle there and it would unravel if you took it out.

I’d imagine that the underarm markers would separate the front half from the back half and be equidistant from the center of the back.

Cute pattern, by the way!

thank you, thank you.

Thanks for the tip about putting stitches on a stitch holder/scrap yarn! And I should have trusted my gut about the armpit marker, very easy.