Placing of Cast-On Stitches for Thumb of Mittens

I am working on these supposedly “easy” mittens:

The pattern asks for me to “Place next 11 sts on holder. Cast on 1 sts over 11 sts on holder”

My question is: Where do I cast on these stitches and how many am I casting on? I am using a spare dpn for my holder, so do I cast on these stitches beside my 11 stitches that I moved, or do I ignore the holder and cast on the stitches on the next needle?

Also, further along the pattern, when it comes time to make the thumb, the pattern instructs: “Place 11 sts from holder onto needle. Pick up 4 sts in cast-on row, placing 4 of these sts on one needle and 5on one needle on the other needle.”

For these directions, it tells me to place 4 of the cast-on stitches on one needle and then 5 on another. What happens to the rest of the stitches I’ve cast on earlier (assuming that I cast on 11)?

Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

You only cast on 1 st. You will place the 11sts on a holder (I use scrap yarn) and then to close up the gap this will cause you will need to Cast on 1st, make sure the next couple of sts you knit you pull tighter…this will help with holes.

Here you will put those 11sts that are on the holder back on your needle, then you will pick up 4 sts, Usuall I pick up 2 in the corners, the 1 st you casted on, and then 2 more in the opposite corner…you will have a total of 15 sts for your thumb. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for your help! I understand what to do a lot better now.