Placing markers

I am a very new knitter and I am learning with a very basic book. One of the patterns is a set of mittens that requires me to place a marker on the needle. It says the stitches between the markers are for thumb. Am I just supposed to put a little plastic thing on the needle and do nothing with it? Sorry, I’m sure this is very simple but I’ve never seen it done.


You put the rings on the needles and slip them from the left to the right needle when you come to them. They mark the places where you do increases which will probably be over several rows, so you need to keep track by using the markers.


Just to let you know you can use little pony tail holders for markers… they are a lot cheaper then the ones you buy for that. Just make sure to get the ones that don’t have the metal thingy…

There are ones that are just the palstic and some that are covered and you can get a pack of different sizes for different size needles

Oh and welcome to knitting… :knitting:

I am also just learning to knit and I would highly suggest a DVD entitled " Knitting made Easy " by Coats and Clark. It is very inexpensive and VERY helpful. I just love mine.

Welcome and good luck !!!

Ooo, I saw this on “Knitty Gritty” (on which Amy was great, by the way): Cut up a drinking straw into little rings and use for stitch markers. I’ve done this several times, and it actually works!

Works if you use small enough needles… :wink:


I prefer the straws to expensive thick markers and floppy wool loops any day.

I bought cheap plastic ones for about $1.50 for 20…


I’ve got some cheap plastic ones (they came with my knitting for dummies beginners set :wink: ) but the couple times I’ve used them, I’ve switched them out for loops of yarn. Since they are stiff they stick up off my needle and they agitate my pinky and my palm while I’m knitting.

I’m just cheap, so I use a little loop of contrasting colored yarn that I make on the spot.

I’ve started a collection. It’s kind of addicting. :slight_smile: My favorite are the cheap jump rings at Knitpicks for $1.99

I want something that is cute but doesn’t take too long to move or is too bulky and shows in the knitting. These do the trick. Seems like the super fancy ones are cute but a pain sometimes.

Yeah, I’d think the dangly ones would get in the way.


Yes, the main idea is to have plastic (or other) rings which you don’t knit, but just move from one needle to the other. Don’t worry - it all works out OK. The one key I’ve found is that it is best to have rings (of whatever material) be as close in size to your needle size as possible. If they’re too big, they get in the way. The dangly ones aren’t too bad (and they’re pretty) as long as the rings are a good size.