Placing Markers on back body of sweater

Pattern says place a marker around the first and last stitch to indicate sleeve placement… This is on the backside of a toddler pullover, bottom up, starting with 10 rows of rolled edging, drop shoulders. So am I putting markers on the first stitch after the rolled edging and then before the last stitch of the piece?

Which pattern are you making?
The marker, which can be as simple as a circle of yarn around the stitch, is just there to help you place the sleeve when you seam the sweater together. Mark the first stitch of the row and the last stitch of the same row.
Undoubtedly markers will also be placed on the front piece. After the shoulders are joined, the sleeves will be seamed between the marker on the front and marker on the back.

Thank you so much that was very helpful! The pattern is from a book called
"Pick up the Pieces" by Lorna Miser it’s a complete book of sweater
patterns as well as 48 Mix and match sweater pieces for 6months to 6 years
old. I could take a pic of book or page if you’d like

Looks like a fun book! Enjoy finishing the sweater and post a photo when you finish. We love seeing projects.

Thats the book! Thank you! I’ll be sure to post it when I’ve finished!! You were a big help!