Placing Markers at the End of Row

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Need your help again with this hooded sweatshirt. I am knitting the hood and the pattern reads continue even until hood measures 7 1/2 ins. ending with RS facing for next row. Place marker at each end of last row. Cast off 4 sts. beg. every row until 3 sts. remain. Cast of rem. sts. My problem is, if I place a marker at each end of the last row and then start binding off what is the point of the markers? I have marker, bind off, knit, marker. Then next row marker bind off knit and marker and so on and so on. This may be very simple but I just dont get it. If this makes sense to anyone I could sure use your help.


Did you look for finishing instructions further down that refer to them? It sounds like you will use those markers later to know where to attach the hood (or in some way join it together) and will use those markers as match up points. They would be placed on the actual end stitches and remain there, not placed on your needle and slipped with each row.

Just tie a little piece of yarn at each end of the row to use as a reference later.

Thanks, that is what I am doing wrong. I was placing the markers on the needle and not on the actual stitch. Thanks again, that was a big help.


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I am making Santa it said place a marker at the end of the row 24 & 25 for waste garthering

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Yes, likely the same idea as the original poster, mark the actual row.