Placing marker?

“Row 1: K2, PM, [YO, K2, YO, K1, YO, K2, YO, PM], K1, PM. Repeat stitches in bracket, PM, K2 (23 stitches)”

Do I place the marker on the second stitch or the third stitch of this row? I alllways gets so confused.

You put the marker on the needle between sts, not in a stitch. So k2, put the marker on, work the st repeat, put on another marker, k1, put another marker on repeat the sts, place the last marker and k2. On the following rows, just move it from one to the other so it travels up the piece as you knit; it’s used to show you where the YOs go for the incs.

Thank you~! haha, it’s always the simplest things that I overthink and confuse myself. Makes a lot more sense now!