Placing a pocket?

:smiley: OK, I’m proud. I am an extremely new knitter, but have finished the back of a gorgeous sweater for my two year old daughter. I knit the pocket lining and have it on a holder, and am working on the front panel where the pocket is located. Now, comes the problem…the pattern says: K 12 Slip the next 21 sts onto a holder for pocket top, (I understand that part), (this part is the fuzzy one) K across 21 sts of pocket lining, K 5 . Cont in pattern as set. Help? Will this be the bottom of the pocket or the top and how do you work the rest of the pocket?

I believe that you are attaching the top of the pocket to the body of the sweater, actually the back of the pocket, the side close to the person. The directions should tell you how to finish later on. I hope this is clear.