Placing a marker

ok… I have not picked up a knitting needle in a longggg time so I feel like a beginner all over again. : ( Anyway, my question is: I’m working on the North country cotton baby socks. After casting on 24 stitches, I then separated them… 8 stitches on each needle. So, when I begin Round 1, is the very first stitch I knit the place where I attach a marker or is it after I finish the first 8 knitted stitches. Oh Lordy, am I making sense?? :teehee: Thanks, cair

You don’t really need a marker on the needles for this pattern and it’s difficult to easily place a marker on dpns anyway. Use the yarn tail left from your cast on to mark the beginning of the round or, put a safety pin or a small piece of contrasting yarn through a stitch to mark the beginning of round if you’d like. Beginning of round is the first stitch that you knit joining the sts to knit in the round. Here’s a video that may help.
Cute sock pattern btw!

Hi Salmomac… I’m a continental knitter… many of the videos are English style knitters… anyway, thank you for the info… I did go on Ravelry… saw many patterns, thanks so much, S… I’m sure I’ll be back asking questions…Warmly, cair

I also knit Continental and find the English style videos helpful. Usually how one holds the yarn doesn’t really make a difference in seeing what to do IME. It was a bit difficult when I first was learning.

Definitelly come back with questions, comments and of course finished photos. The ideas are the same whether continental or Englixh, just the placement of the yarn varies. When you’re trying to re-learn something however, I’m sure it helps to see it done by the same method you use. This video shows a piece in progress in the round with a marker on the second stitch of the round to indicate the beginning of round.