PK stitch?

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I do have on knitting problem and wondering if anyone can explain to me the PK stitch. For the heck of me I can’t understand it at all!

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Can you explain how the term PK is used in context?

The only thing I can find on a “PK” stitch is the Pocket Knitter.

Ok, found one more…PK twisted or crossed purl stitch

With the yarn at the front of the work insert the right-hand needle in
the back loop of the left-hand one.
Wind the yarn and draw a loop through on to the right-hand needle.
Slip the stitch off the left-hand needle.

twisted or crossed purl stitch (pk) is an abbreviation used in German patterns. Here is a website that I found the information on.

Also, in The Complete Book of Knitting By Barbara Abbey she says that it means to knit and purl into yarn overs.