PJ Socks

:smiley: I finished these socks today. 2x2 rib cuff-3"/st.st. foot; knit with #4 needles & Plymouth Wildflower DK yarn. Very, very comfy socks for my aunt to wear with her pj’s. Boy, these socks are quite comfortable, but this yarn is a PAIN to work with…splits…splits…splits…but, the end product is worth it for my auntie’s comfort :wink: So, this is #3 for her & I will now begin on #4, which will be plain tube socks in worsted yarn :smiley:


The sock queen strikes again! :cheering:

Wow, what beautiful colors! Shame about the splits.

Your aunt is very lucky.

Very pretty! :smiley:

They look both beautiful and comfy! How nice!

Becka –

Those socks look perfect … really … they just lie there and look all pretty and even and gorgeous. :lol: Love the color!

The colors are awesome!!

:smiley: Thank you all very much!!! I love knitting the socks…obviously!!

LOL :roflhard: :rofling: U r too funny :wink: I don’t know that I’m the queen!!!..LOL :roflhard: :rofling:

Is the toe grafted on these? Flawless…great job!

Love the pretty colour toooooo…YUM

Love to knit the socks :heart:
Rhy :XX:

Beautiful! I love them! :heart: :inlove:

:smiley: Thanks again :smiley:
Rhy, the toe isn’t grafted on these. I did a decrease round, knit even for 3 rounds, decrease round, knit even, decrease round, knit even, decrease round, knit even, then decreased every round unitl 3 sts on each needle (total of 12 sts) & snipped yarn & put it on a tapesty needle & went thru each st & pulled it tight & wove the yarn inside the sock :wink:

You really are a sock knitting machine!
I’m inspired by how lovely they turn out - great work!! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! :thumbsup:

Great job!

great job!

that yarn is really pretty!

My goodness :smiley: thank you all so very, very much!!! :smiley:

Those were absolutly beautiful…just love the color :cheering: