Pirouette & Twist and Twirl

Hey all,
I am working with [COLOR=“Magenta”][B][U]Patons Pirouette[/U][/B][/COLOR] and [COLOR=“DarkOrchid”][B][U]Bernat Twist and Twirl[/U][/B][/COLOR].

I am making the scarf pattern that comes on the label and it can also be found on their websites.

my question is…how do i “bind off” so that the last row is secure? I know how to bind off with normal yarn and i have been doing that with this also, but the way the yarn is it leaves an ugly end and its hard to pull through the last stitch…

Weird, just bind off as usual and fasten off the tail so it doesn’t come undone. I think that’s what it means; probably the yarns aren’t smooth, so may be prone to slipping out if you don’t take extra care to weave them in properly.

you can’t weave them in really…you knit into holes in the yarn

These may be tha same directions that you have. It looks like a regular bind off but the last stitch would need to be tacked down to the bind off rather than pulled through. I would just use a few stitches with a sewing needle and thread to do this.