Pirate Knits KAL

On yer toes, mateys! It be time fer th’ Piratical Knitwear.
Goal: Knit something piratey. You may use existing patterns or design your own!
Some sources for pirate patterns (others can be found with a simple Google search) are as follows:

Knit Like A Pirate.com has, among other things, a felted tricorn hat project.

Pirate Queen Booty Bag

Hello Yarn Jolly Roger Mittens

Hello Yarn’s Pirate Watch Cap

Hello Yarn’s Felted Jolly Roger Grog/Yarn tote

Anticraft’s Snowball’s Chance

Which will you pick? What will you design?? Post the results of your thrilling yarnalicious escapades here! Arr!

Arrrg matey! Well, if I ever get my cable from Knit Picks, I’ll be knitting the We Call Them Pirates hat from Hello Yarn.

Now, I’m off to hoist the main sail and swab the decks me hearties!

I’ve got about 3/4 of my first pirate mitten done. But I ask ye, why do pirates need mi’ens, ay? :rofl:


I like me that Felted Jolly Roger Grog!!

Ahoy this matey has way too much on 'er needles!!!

(I’m not good at speaking pirate :pout: )

To grab hold of the sheets when they hoist the sails! If it’s wet and cold, you need something to keep your hands warm so you can grip the rope!

I was leaning towards the tricorn as my initial pirate project, but practical considerations in re: my hands this morning have caused me to start contemplating Snowball’s Chance as my first piece of piratical knitwear.

I’m also thinking of redrafting the skull/crossbones designs. I think it would be cool to take a design from an old, true pirate flag (Blackbeard or somesuch) and translate it into a knit pattern. Of course he’s probably rolling over in his watery grave as I type this.

That would be really cool!

I’ve had yet another setback on my hat. :wall: I finally got my cables and got the needle tips to fit (with some help from my dh), but I’ve discovered that there is no way I can do a provisional cast-on and magic loop knitting at the same time. That’s just too many new things at once. I’ve tried several times and I keep ending up with a big mess. Sooooo, I’m going to get some 16 inch circs and use those.

Aaaarg, if I were a real pirate I would have just downed a tankard o’ rum, wiped me mouth on the back o’ me hand, and made those stitches line up and obey! :!!!:

oooooh :heart: the snowball’s chance in hell armwarmers :heart: