Pinwheel Sweater.....No One Ever Photographs the FRONT!

I think I might like to make the Pinwheel Sweater (Adult)

In looking through Ravelry for the best color combos/choices I noticed that most people hardly EVER photograph the front of it!!!

I posted a KA in this forum, in case anyone is interested. I haven’t even swatched for it yet, I need to use yarn from my stash, but that’s never stopped me before :wink:

That’s funny, good point! I bet the front looks really interesting, too. The child’s photo you linked to gives a bit of a peek.

I’m kind of well…overweight and well…busty…so I need to consider that before spending a TON of time making a sweater that doesn’t lay well on my body type!:teehee:

It does look like it could be bulky in the front in adult sizes. I hope you can find a good photo!

If you’re on Ravelry try typing Pinwheel Sweater into the Patterns search box and then click on the tab that says “151 Projects.”

I agree that most people (including myself) neglect to show the front, and I was a bit annoyed by that when I was knitting mine but then promptly forgot my irritation once my sweater was finished! Maybe I’ll have to get a photo of the front of mine – but if you’ll go through the project photos, I know that you’ll find at least a few with a front view; I’ve seen them there myself.

Have fun knitting the Pinwheel. One word of caution though – it’s addictive! I’ve not only knit an adult pinwheel sweater but also two pinwheel berets, pinwheel dishcloths, and a pinwheel cover for my Foreman Grill.

Good luck!

Oooh, I didn’t know there was a beret. I’ll have to look for that! Thanks!

I made one - it was Annie Modiset’s circular jacket and love it! I think I posted a pic - I’ll check and if not, I’ll get o ne on the Whatcha Knitting thread. I think the design would look good on any body type. I knitted a flower and put it on a pin to use as a closure and several people ranging from a 36" to a 44" bust tried it on. I made it for a 36 incher, so it was snug on the 44 incher, but the style was good. OK, I’m off to lool for a pic.

Judging from the flat picture, I think the front sould be two overlapping half circles. It might be somewhat bulky in the front. I might put some sort of closure on the front that wraps it arounf the body a bit.


I think it’s a great top for a bigger woman - I’m built that way, too - not busty, just a big girl. I think if you use a pin or stick closure you’d be able to close it above the bust or right below the bust, whichever is most flattering to you.

I like the PinWheel sweater. I may knit one

Here’s one on Ravelry with the front.

I looked on Ravelry too, and some of them have multiple pics, so even if the first photo is of the back, sometimes if you click on the pic, you’ll get a separate shot of the front. HTH

Looking at them, some look bulky in front, others not so much. I think if you choose your yarn carefully, you’ll be fine. I have to say, I love that sweater. Been on my to do list for forever!

I used the pattern found here as a guideline; she also provides links to a couple of other pinwheel beret patterns.

I swear, once you start knitting the pinwheels it’s hard to stop.


OMG i want one of these sweaters. How hard are they? I’ve only been knitting like two months. I just taught my self to rib! lol this will probably have to go up pretty high on my list and it will be a long while before I get one. Can’t wait to see eveyone else’s sweaters!

They’re very simple to make, just knit in the round… and round, and round… The tricky part can be when you have to set aside stitches for the armhole, but I’ve got a method for it that was in the original pattern.

I’m not so into this anymore, but REALLY like the similar Gloria but unfortunately I think the pattern is only in a book and I want it NOW!!!:teehee:

I like that better also. Let me know which book it’s in?

Just found the page, what amazing knits!

The link to Gloria (above) takes you to a Ravelry page. Perhaps it’s not a book, it says "Published in Hanne Falkenberg Design

                 " and links to her site but I haven't figured out if it's a purchase or if it's free even! Let me know if you do because I GOTTA have it!

Yes, I saw that page, but no link to pattern.