PinWheel Sweater Help!

Ok Soooo I’m alittle confused…
I’m at the part where you put stitches asside for the sleeves.
pattern :
place the second set of 30 stitches on a holder, join a new ball of yarn and cast on 30 stitches

ok … soooooo i get put 30 stitches on holder… but what do they mean by join new ball of yarn… where did the other ball of yarn go ??? ahh confused…
please help

You probably won’t be using the yarn you have been from where it is anymore, so you can cut it and use the yarn to cast on your stitches.

[b][color=indigo]When I did it, I used the same concept as for an afterthought heel. When you get to the 30 sts, use a piece of waste yarn and knit the 30 sts turn and knit back still using the waste yarn. Then pick up your working yarn and keep on knitting as you would if you’d not stopped to put in the sleeve.

When it comes time to do the sleeves, just pick out the waste yarn, pick up the sts and knit according to instructions.

You can see a pick of the child sized pinwheel sweater before I’ve started the sleeves on my blog. The two white areas that seem out of place on the yellow stripe is where the sleeves will go when I start them today. :happydance: [/color][/b]