Pinwheel Sweater for Kids and Adults

This is so cool!

Dang girl
q u i t posting these ever so too cool gotta do it now patterns!
Really those Moreno Lace Socks and this. argh
I’m going through my stash right now adding up total yards~
I Have At Least FOUR projects going as is. I missed Fathers Day, my brothers birthday is next week, I owe two of my kids socks, and my Mom’s Birthday socks are on the needles, plus I have a booga in front of me, another Working Basket (love those old booklets) shoulder bag, and well see…you really must stop.


btw how do you do that icord edging on this sweater. It’s confusious to me. Is it just an icord edging changing colors?

I’m sorry! Looking for patterns every day is just another of my many addictions. Knitting, Sewing, Embroidery, Computer Games, The Knitting Help Forum, Looking for Free Patterns, Reading. :sunny:

I just wish I could add “house cleaning” to my list of addictions. :help:

Good question about the i-cord edging. I think if I made this, I would skip the i-cord altogether (because I HATE i-cord). I would probably do a nice crochet or knit edge instead. Another reason to buy “Knitting on the Edge”, I guess. :smiley:

I was just messing with you really, I love that you are posting these. Honest
I read every single page this forum, and the How To, and most of the Whacha Knitting before I ever posted. A trove of knowledge and links.

Forget google, just search out your every knitting whim on these forums, and there will most likely be an answer.

While tedious at times, are amazing. They finish a piece so nicely, like a piping almost. When I make them and watch how they are created, the weaving that takes place inside, I am in wonderment.
What a useful talent it is to know how to create one! If need be you really Could make your own rope, sturdy and strong.
I was thinking about creating a ‘twine o hemp’ icord throw rug pattern, oval, rectangle, square.

I’ll make sure to let you know when I do, so you can make one.

Listen to you! :lol:

You’re a funny one, you are!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

In all seriousness~
I have printed up this pattern because I am serious about doing it. But, the provisional cast on for the sleeves has me a little boogey. I cannot get a visual on how it’s done. Knit along Knit along stop, put a gob of stitches on a holder, make more stitches with a crochet hook, put on holder, knit along knit along stop, put another gob on a holder make more stitches for the holder, and knit along.
What happens when you get back around to where you put them on the the first holder?

Ingrid! Help! :help:

I’ll try to get her in here for ya.

She is the Queen of all things Knitting. :notworthy:

Thanks for sharing this pattern. I really like it because its “unusual” yet pretty. I especialy like it for a child…such as my 3 yr. old gd. Thanks, I’m printing it out for future knitting.

For this pattern it looks like the stitches you’re binding off are half the sleeve stitches, and the ones you cast on are the other half. The space between them is the hole where the arm goes through.

The needle that you take the stitches off of to put on the holder is the one you’ll use for the provisional cast on. This is how they want you to do that.

When you get around to the beginning, you should have the same number of stitches on your needles, only there will be two needles with the provisional cast on stitches. Just knit them with your regular yarn and continue with the pattern.

What did I tell ya? Ingrid knows EVERYTHING about knitting. :thumbsup:

I guess 20 years of knitting will teach you a thing or two, eh Ingrid? :wink:

To be honest, I’ve learned more about knitting in the past 3 years than in the previous, well, since the Kennedy administration. :wink: I’ve always been able to see what the pattern wanted, though. :thinking:

Ah Hah~ :happydance:
Does make sense and thank you both for helping me. Ingrid I want you to know that many many times when I’ve googled and I mean a web google, I get led back to you, and your concise, precise, clear explanations, often with links. You have donated much time to helping others. It has not gone unnoticed.

Thank you~
For sharing your expertise
For your patience
For your wit and charm.
You have taught me, and many others, much.



:blush: Geez! I’m famous! :happydance: