Pinwheel Sweater anyone?

I am going to knit this “Pinwheel Sweater” for my gd. I just ordered all the yarn from Elann.:cheering: I chose different colors than they did.

I was wondering if anyone wants to join me in a Knig Along??:pray: Here is the sweater… Its a FREE pattern.

If you’ve been wanting to give this a try now is the perfect time!!:happydance:

Heh, I started it a coupla weeks ago and am maybe a little more than halfway across the back. Hancock’s had a closeout on Woolease in Denim. I bought 6 skeins, but think I may need only 4 or 5. I’m doing it on 10.5s. sue

How is it coming along? Are you finding the pattern easy to follow.? What size are you making…the adult or the child’s?

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for awhile. I am ready to tackle something “different” and this is it.

I’ll let you know when I got my yarn in the mail. I choose purples to light pink for my colors.:cheering:

Oh the pattern’s quite easy. Even though I’m not doing YOs for the increases there’s still a pinwheel effect. It’s for me and all one color.

Suzeeq, how come you are not making Yo’s??:?? I think I need to learn a lot more about knitting. Fill me in please!! What are you doing instead?:shrug:

I just didn’t want YOs; since I’m using 10.5s instead of 8s, they would be too `holey’. So I’m using the KLL increase which is shown on the increases page.

Would this be easy enough for a first garment? I’ve never knit anything to wear, except a few scarves and my current FT Clogs. Do you think I should try it?

If you can increase, knit in the round and follow directions, it’s mostly yards and yards of stockinette. Not difficult at all.

Well, then. Let me check my stash. I think I should have enough. I’m not going to get anything fancy for it since I’m still leary about it turning out decent. Thanks!


Kelly, That would be great if we could “Knit Along” together. I can’t start mine until I receive my yarn order. I’ll post as soon as it arrives.

Anyone else care to join us??:lol:

Kelly, my dd is expecting their second child at the end of November. I believe she’s in her 15th week. She can feel the baby moving around. She has a 4yr. old dd and we are all hoping for a boy but we will love ANYONE that God sends us.

Oh darn! I just finished mine that I was making for my niece and it
would have been nice to knit along with some others. Hmmm…wonder
if my dd would like one :think: It worked up really fast so I am tempted to do another…

You can still pop in and see if you can answer questions anyone has about it. I know that many people have trouble with the directions for the BO/provisional cast on for the sleeves. The original directions were much easier to do, though some people didn’t understand them either.

I wanted another boy because we have a basement full of boys’ clothes and toys! (I have a 4-yo and 2-yo boy already.) But, as I told everyone else, as long as the baby is fine, I’m happy. Most people were hoping for a girl for me, but I was scared of having a teenage girl! I just can’t wait to meet him now!!


Yes, I would happy to answer any questions if I can. I have to
confess though, I didn’t do the sleeves the way the pattern
suggested. When it came to the point for the sleeve opening I just
knit the required stitches with a scrap yarn and then re-knit those
stitches with my working yarn and kept going. I don’t know what
this method is called but it is used in several mitten patterns (for
the thumb) that I have so I wanted to try it for the larger opening of
the sleeve. :slight_smile:

I think it’s called the `afterthought’ opening and that’s the method posted in the pattern originally. I did this too and think it looks much better than binding off then doing a provisional CO. Less work too!

Ok, so it wasn’t so innovative of me :smiley: Definitely made more sense
to me to do it that way and like you say less work!

Well, I guess it really helps if you actually read the pattern, right? Here I was, about 32" across, merrily increasing every other row, joking about it being a hat for The Big Giant Head and thinking `this is really huge, how many sts am I supposed to wind up with in each section…?’ :scratchinghead: Because, of course, I’m not knitting it to any of the gauges in any of the pattern variations. So I look it up and yikes! I’m supposed to switch over to garter stitch and only increase every 6th row when it’s about 12" from the center. :oops:

Okay, I just have to rip back to about where I started the 2nd skein. The good news is, the yarn will go a lot further now… :teehee:

I have been working on the sweater and I am on the part where I have the 18 st. between increases. Then it says…

Next Round: knit the first set of 18 stitches and the yo from the round “before”. What do they mean by before?? Do they pick up the yo that is NEXT in otherwords “after” and not before??:shrug:

I’m stuck until I understand this…I’m sure its simple. Thanks

Knit the YO that’s at the end of that section. It was made on the previous round - that’s what they mean by before.

Thanks Suzeeq, I’ll continue on with it tomorrow.:lol: