Pinwheel Blanket Pattern - Finishing Question

I’m working on a baby blanket for my cousin. I chose the pinwheel blanket pattern that’s free online. Since I’m a bit early in getting this thing going and they don’t yet know what the baby is going to be (boy/girl), I decided to go with a cream color for the body of the blanket then finish it with an appropriate color.

The pattern doesn’t provide an edging for this thing and I was wondering what other folks have done.

Anyone out there have photos or favorite edging techniques they’d like to share?

I’m willing to try almost anything to get this blanket finished. I’d like something interesting, not just garter stitch unless I’m just really pressed for time.


Sharon I just finished one of these too. I did do a few rounds in garter to keep it from curling but instead of a regular bind off I did the picot and it looks pretty good to me. This is a close up of the bind off. I switched to the contrast color for the garter stitch and bind off to really make an edging to it.

This one looks like garter on the edges too.


That is so simple! I am going to have to make one… I am 7 months pregnent and have been looking for something to play with.

I love the picot edging! For more ideas you should look at Knitting over the Edge by Nikki Epstein [size=2](I think)[/size]. My library has it and I belong to one of the worst libraries as far as knitting books go so yours will most likely have it!
I can’t wait to see your finished blanket!

here’s another question along the same lines:
I’m ready to knit the border of my pinwheel. but as i’m looking at what other people have done, they dont always continue the increasing through the border. correct me if i’m wrong, but wont this distort the blanket?

I love this blanket, and I have a friend due in December that I think would love a round baby blanket (she’s a little non-conformist like that). But, my McAfee won’t let me open the page that has the pattern. Would someone be willing to cut and paste the pattern and email it to me, which hopefully won’t violate any copyrights? Or let me know of another site that has the same pattern?

Thanks so much!!

i have a pdf i could send you if you pm me your email address.