Pinwheel Blanket Help

Hi all!

I need some help. I’m planning to make a pinwheel baby blanket for a friend, like this one. Originally, I was just going to make it rainbow from the inside out - you know, red on the inside, progressing out to indigo. Now I’m thinking it would look better if each segment were a different color. I know this is possible, but I don’t know how. Would it involve intarsia? :oo: I’ve never done intarsia - how hard is it?

Any opinions? Would it be more trouble than it would be worth? Or would it really look as cool as I think it might?

Thanks a bunch!:mrgreen:

I couldn’t link to the pattern, but I know the one you mean.

I think it would look beautiful, and yes, it would involve switching colors as in intarsia–not a big deal, really.

You’d have a ball of yarn for each color, and if you change colors properly it could work. :think:

Thanks Ingrid - I fixed the link - sorry about that!

Hmm… intarsia. Do I love them enough to tackle intarsia …?

I don’t think it would be too difficult (and I’m knitting this blanket right now) but I’ve failed at my attempts at intarsia. I just can’t handle all those balls of yarn flapping around and getting twisted.
If you do knit it, I’d LOVE to see it! All the ones on Ravelry that are multicolored are knit lin the bullseye style, from center out.

Personally, I’m not brave enough to embark on that adventure but I think that a different color for each section of the wheel would be absolutely divine! You just have to promise to post a pix of the FO.

Don’t worry about the balls, just put the yarn on bobbins. Amy has great ideas on the videos for intarsia.

I think the rainbow circle sounds beautiful.
What a lovely welcome for a baby!

Can you do Intarsia when knitting in the round? I thought
that was not possible…:??
Libbie :slight_smile:

I think it is decidedly NOT possible. :think:

I gave it lots and lots of thought, looked at the videos, but I came up with the ends never being where you needed them. I spent an obscene amount of time looking yesterday for patterns, and did finally find one at paradisefibers that uses short rows to get the pinwheel effect. I thought about sending away for it, but I couldn’t find anything else I wanted to order from them right now (:noway: I couldn’t believe it, but I couldn’t.) And I just don’t feel like waiting for it.

So, I will be doing the standard bullseye rainbow - which will be okay, but not stellar.

Thanks so much everyone for your votes of enthusiasm!! I appreciate it! You almost had me convinced I could do it!:teehee:

This page has basic pattern for half round shawl knit sideways with shortrow wedges. various weight yarns.
maybe you make it as full circle.