Pinwheel Baby Blanket

If you have done one, how did you start it up? Did you use magic loop? or DPNs? or some other method to get it going?

This is the pattern that I’m using.

I started it out on dpns :thumbsup:

Nice pattern. What type/color yarn are you using?
Look forward to seeing it, Deborah

It’s tricky to start so few sts on all the dpns; I found you can just CO to one needle and put the sts on just 2. Use the 3rd to knit with until you get quite a few more sts increased, then rearrange the sts and add the 4th needle. And then the 5th if you’ve got a 5 needle set. Or you can use 2 circs the same way.

I did pretty much like Sue suggested, and I worked from that pattern. It was only awkward for a few rounds. I remember I tried ML first, but that was a train wreck, so I went back to dpns. I loved knitting mine - good luck with yours!