Pinning and Seaming sleeves?

Dear Amazing Knitters -

How do you pin and seam your sleeves? Do you stick your hand in the sleeve or a rolled up towel or what?

I have a very awkward time doing this and wondered if you have any tips, ideas or advice to make it easier…

Thanks in advance :muah:

I pin them together at every increase and then baste them together with a whipstitch so that the edges are just touching. When the two edges are held together that securely it’s easy to just keep your hand inside the sleeve while you do the sewing together. It sounds finicky, but it’s less stressful than having the two edges slip-sliding around as you try to match the edges.

I use plastic knitters pins. Sometimes I’ll loop contrasting yarn in incs to ensure alignment for the length of the sleeve. I work the sleeve flat being mattress st is worked on the RS. (I’ll stick my hand inside the ribbing at the wrist to get my seaming started but rarely after that.) Once at the cap, I divide the cap into 1/4s and align top center of cap with shoulder seam and mark the 1/2 point of the armscye on both sides of the body (to match with that position on the cap) and then pin quite a few places to adjust for ease…essentially the same as in sewing. (If drop shoulder or modified cap I might not feel the need to do this as virtually no ease to accommodate.) Again, I’m working from RS so don’t normally have anything inside the sweater.


Thanks for the replies. Reading what you both do helps make it easier. :slight_smile:

I use those claw-type hair holders to clip the edges together.

Now that you ask…I posted these photos somewhere a while back!
I buy those claw-like baby clippies! Boy o boy! Do they work great!

RIGHT SIDES are up, ready for the mattress stitch seam! Perfecto!

For my jacket sleeves which were fitted I pinned right sides together and seamed them using the single crochet stitch. I learned this in Jean Frost’s Jackets book as a way to have finished seams that improve the stability for the structure of a jacket. It worked really well for the dense fabric that resulted from using the linen stitch.

Interesting! So you do you do that from the WS ~ And does it show or is the seam invisible? I need to try this.

In the finishing class I took, Nancie Wiseman suggested a single chain stitch around the neck of a cardi to give more structure…

Here is a close up of the sleeve seam on the inside (on the left) and the outside (right). I apologize for the quality- I just laid the jacket on the scanner. :wink:

The bottom pic is of how the finished jacket hung. I finished the non-cast on edges with a single crochet. I have to tell you that the continuity of the seams and the edges just makes me happy.

Having said all this, I also get a huge kick out of doing invisible side and sleeve seams using the mattress stitch. I appreciate the tips above on how to keep the stitches lined up. Up until now I have obsessively counted and marked both sides with colored straight pins. I am excited to borrow my DDs’ hair clips for my next project.

Having said all this, I also get a huge kick out of doing invisible side and sleeve seams using the mattress stitch.

I’m another who actually enjoys seaming…which I know many don’t. There’s something remarkably satisfying about taking two disparate pieces of knit fabric and working your ‘magic’ to make the join disappear.