Pink Fuzzy Purse

So I found this material at Wal-mart that had just come in and I just HAD to buy it. :rollseyes: I ended up caving in and going back to get it the day before yesterday, and then I made the purse yesterday. My boyfriend was so impressed. Haha. :happydance:

It’s nothing complicated. I just cut two rectangles of fabric, and then I knit the handle with size 19 needles and a wool/acrylic yarn. It’s not quite what I wanted, but I still really like it. I may end up using it for school when it starts, and then make another purse. I’m obsessed with making purses! Maybe I should try using a pattern? I have yet to ever use a pattern when sewing. Haha. :roflhard:

OMG I love it! I need one.

I must say you are one creative young woman! Good for you! :cheering:

Yeah, I saw this girl with a yellow fuzzy purse awhile back and I almost cried I wanted one so badly. When I found this fabric at Wal-mart I almost died.

i don’t make anything that calls for a pattern… i’m not good with patterns. the shawl i’m knitting right now… no pattern (Silver just told me a way to increase my sitiches and make it the width that i want) the baby sling i’m also knitting… NO patterns ( i’m just doing a gater stich till its the length and width i want. the baby quilts that i make… no pattern. i just can’t follow them… :doh:

LOVE IT! And, to show you how much , I have created a tribute to your photography…

Thank you Kelly! You can view more of it at
I don’t post there much anymore to be honest, but there are some things in there you may like. :slight_smile:

All of my new photography is on my photojournal on Live Journal. It’s not work safe though. And thanks!!! :thumbsup:

I’ve looked at your gallery before! I really like your work… the faces you capture are intense…

KK~ how old r u? if u don’t mind me askin’ cause you sound so motherly, but from your pic… you look like a teen! :thinking:

I just noticed you are a writer (poet?) too…you may like my boss’ daughter’s work…

Her book


more poetry

the annual journal she publishes

(Koolbreeze…Im gonna be 35 in October. Motherly?? :rofling: )

Thanks for the links! I mostly write poetry now, but I didn’t until a couple of years ago. And I think the most important things for me in photography is capturing REAL emotions in someone. It’s just so beautiful. (:

Id love to see your Live Journal, too!

Sure! Here it is
You have to be a member on LJ to view it though. I have it set “friends only”. I guess it doesn’t really need to be, but I’d rather be safe? :stuck_out_tongue:

And here’s my normal journal :heart:

That purse is beautiful! I wish I could sew :doh:

Reminds me of that Patons Divine yarn I’m using right now for a scarf.

If you can sew up the seams of a knitting project, you can sew. It’s quite simple really. To be honest, I don’t really know a lot about sewing at all. I know two stiches that I don’t even know what are called, and I just knot the beginning and ends. Hehe. :roflhard: It works though! I tend to knot some of my knitting projects too. I freak about them possibly coming unraveled. :shock:

Ok, I am a dummy… but where is your work on your live journal (I do have an account and I am signed in)

My photography? It’s eroticrose on LJ. Not work safe though! I need your LJ name so I can add you to see it though. :slight_smile:

Oh well. I am Nuno930 on there too (creative huh?)