PINK denis interchangeable needles


can you tell me pro and cons about this needle… where is the cheapest deal gettting the set and does a portion of $$ goes to breast cancer association ? thank you … thought of getting a set …

There is probably lots about the Denise needles on the sticky at the top called “Everything you wanted to know about Interchangeable Sets” but here’s my experience with the Denises.

I have a set and I have been using it for almost everything that calls for circular needles. I have even used them to magic Loop a pair of socks from Silver’s Sock Tutorial. I have been told that the options work better for this because the cable is thinner but so far I have had no problems in that area.

The only time I had trouble with them was when I tried to make something out of cotton yarn instead of wool and I found that the cable and the needle wasn’t slick enough for the cotton and so my cables kept coming apart and the stitches weren’t sliding along the needle so it was impossible to knit.

As for the pink set, Amy sells them on this site for a pretty good price and she donates $5 from every set for breast cancer research. I think each place you could buy them from would probably set their own amount of money that gets donated so you would have to check out the price and how much gets donated for yourself.

Here’s what they have to say about the Pink set on the Denise website:
[color=blue]Denise and Breast Cancer Research[/color]

Hope this helps!


i just have to chime in on how much i love my options. really and truly! and while you’re at it, you’ll get free shipping from knitpicks for spending over $40 (45?) so you could pick up some yummy things for your stash! :hug: