Pin Hole cast on method

I have come across a pattern that uses a “pin hole method” to cast on.
Has anyone heard of this? I’ve searched but can’t find it mentioned anywhere.
Can anyone help, please.:?? :??

The only reference I found in Google was in a preview for a book called “Knitting in the Round”. Here is the link. You should be on a pattern when you open the link, just go down a bit to where it says Special Abbreviations.

In one of those little blurbs, I read that it is described in the “Knitter’s Handbook”, and in there it’s with a crochet hook.

Thanks, Knitting in the Round is the book I got the pattern from but it doesn’t say how todo it. I guess I’ll have to get the knitters handbook.
I appreciate your help.

If you go to the link I provided (or to the pattern for the Intertwined Hexagon Flowers), it tells you how to do it. I think it’s page 28, in the category “Comfy Wraparounds”. It tells you, as I mentioned, under the heading “Special Abbreviations” of the pattern.

Well, what do ya know!:aww: I found the instructions for the cast on at the beginning of the pattern. If I had read closely enough to begin with I would have seen it.
Thanks for sending me back to “Knitting in the Round”.:muah:

these are also called noose cast on’s, and eyelet cast on’s and one famous one is the emily ocker cast on. (google there are lots of tutorials.)

tech knitter has one too on her blog… (and she has an index)