Pilot hat by twinkle

I need help on the missing rounds. I started CO 32sts.
RNDS 1-2 *K1,p1;rep from *.
RNDS 1-2 k4,p4;rep from
RND 3 C4R,p4,;rep from
RND 4 k4,p4;rep from
repeat rnds 1-4
RND 8 *k4,p2,p2tog;rep from * 28sts
where is round 9???
RND 10 *k4,p1,p2tog;rep from * 24 sts
where is round 11???
RND 12 *k4,p1,p2tog;rep from * 20 sts
where is round 13???
RND 14 *k4,p1,p2tog;rep from * 16 sts

work 2 more rnds ending with Rnd 4 of cable pattern.

Please explain why I wasn’t able to read this to figure out the missing rounds. Thank you in advance.

For the odd number rounds, you probably just knit the knit sts and purl the purl stitches. You’ve begun the decrease rounds, and it doesn’t sound like there’s much going on for the inbetween ones.

Thks Sue, the hat has cables details and I think the odd rnds inbetween need c4r on the knits and purl on the purls. I know I need to this and it just seem odd that it wasn’t mention on the pattern or I just totally miss read the pattern.

After you do the cable rounds 1 -4 twice, then you begin decreasing and because of the decreases, you don’t cable again until a later round. I’d also check for corrections on this one, the round numbers are off. It gives you Rnd 1-4 of the cable pattern, says to repeat them again which would give you 8 rounds. Then the next round is 8 which just doesn’t make sense because the next would be 9.

I looked for corrections and found this -
C4L (Cable 4 left): Slip next 2 sts to cable needle and hold in front of work, k2; k2 from cable needle.
PILOT CABLE: Rnd 3: *C4L, p4; rep from *

Which doesn’t help with the Round numbers. Did you type in the pattern correctly?

I also found pictures, and it looks like you would do the cables every 4th round as the decs are done in the purl sections.

I knitted rnds 1-4 and repeat from 2-4 which the next rnd is 8. I didn’t knit the repeat of the 1st rnd because it would be k1,p1 and the pattern is k4,p4. So on rnd 9 I thought I just c4r to match the previous cable. I copy exactly as written from the book and also looked online for any correction. I’ve finished the hat as close as to the picture but don’t it’s anywhere close to it. I think I have 2 extra cables and finishing off was a bit confusing when ask to do 2 more rounds. I wish the instruction was more clear since this hat look very easy.

No there’s a cable round 1 in there, it’s the same as 2 - k4, p4. If you only repeated rnds 2-4 you did 7 rounds.

You’ve got the patterns squished together in the way you wrote them.

“RNDS 1-2 *K1,p1;rep from *” this is the ribbing for the brim.

RNDS 1-2 k4,p4;rep from
RND 3 C4R,p4,;rep from
RND 4 k4,p4;rep from
repeat rnds 1-4

Those are the cable rounds. Rnd 3 is where you cross over and should be every 4 rounds. So it should be done on Rnd 11, not 9. Then after you do Rnd 14, rpt 3 and do the cables on the next on (rnd 15) and rpt rnd 4. So your cables are not spaced right.

Yes I know that is a ribbing effect but why does the pattern calls for
RNDS 1-2 *K1,p1;rep from *.
Do I knit 2 rnds of k1,p1?

Then why does it say RNDS 1-2 k4,p4;rep from ??? Do I knit 2 rnds of k4,p4??

Again I didn’t squish in anyway how the pattern was written from the book.

Going forward is this the way I should be knitting this hat.
rnd1 - k1,p1, rep
rnd2 - k4,p4 rep
rnd3 - c4r,p4, rep
rnd4 - k4,p4, rep
rnd5 - k4,p4 rep
rnd6- c4r,p4, rep
rnd7-k4,p4 rep
rnd8-k4,p2,p2tog, rep
rnd9-k4,p4, rep
rnd10-k4,p1,p2og, rep
rnd11-c4r,p4, rep
rnd12-k4,p2tog, rep
rnd13-k4,p4, rep
rnd14-k3,ssk, rep
rnd15-c4r,p4, rep
rnd16-k4,p4, rep
cut yarn, thread through remaining sts, and pull tight. Weave in ends

is this the correct way of knitting this hat?
Thank you for your help.

I found pictures at ravelry and they show about 4 rows of the k1 p1 at the edge, so that’s just the cuff which is 2 rows of k1, p1, not just one row. Then it goes into the cable pattern which is the next 4 rows. Repeat those 4 rows once more, that’s 8 rows. Then begin the decrease rows (ignore the row numbers, they’re off) so they will be -

*k4,p2,p2tog;rep from * 28sts
knit the knits and purl the purls
*c4r,p1,p2tog;rep from * 24 sts
knit the knits and purl the purls
*k4,p1,p2tog;rep from * 20 sts
knit the knits and purl the purls
*c4r,p1,p2tog;rep from * 16 sts

That gives you 4 cable crosses which is what I see on the finished items. You’re decreasing in the purl sts, so you won’t have k4, p4 after you begin decs - the rounds in between them go k4, p3, then k4, p2, then k4, p1 after the last decrease.

Then do k1 p1 for 2 rounds and pull the tail through the remaining sts.

Thanks Sue for the clarity. I will Remove and start all over the hat again. Many thanks again.

It’s a really poor way to write a pattern; I’ve heard this book has a lot of errors in it, but only found one correction for this pattern - the C4L cable.