Pillowcase top pattern

Patternworks has an adorable top with a gathered neckline for a little girl that looks sort of like a pillowcase dress. Unfortunately you have to buy the instructional DVD, yarn etc to get the pattern. Anyone know of a pattern similar to this. It is called Kiwi Top Kit.

It’s a very cute pattern and it sounds like a useful DVD plus supplies. I’d go with the kit just for the fun of it.
That said, I think you could make this one up either in the round or as a front and back knit flat and seamed. There doesn’t seem to be much shaping to it, just the turned over hem at the top for the ribbon.

Thanks, it looks like it would be so simple but I am not experienced enough to try my hand at my own pattern. You are right, it does come with everything so I probably will just get the kit. I think it is so cute!

Very cute top. I’d be tempted to wing it, though, especially considering I probably have enough yarn in my stash, it’s not a very large garment, and it looks pretty simple.

Would love to see a picture of yours if you make one!

Looks a like 2 rectangles with a hem at the top of reach one. Seam them together to armpit and then run a ribbon through each side.

I agree with Jan, 2 rectangles seamed together with a hem at the top. If you have stash yarn to play with, give it a try. That could be a cute way to use up odds and ends and have a multicolor top.

Unfortunately I don’t have enough experience to even figure out how many stitches I would need to CO. It probably wouldn’t be too hard to figure out since it is small, just go by the gauge of the yarn but I decided to just order it and get the DVD too. Curious to see what is on that anyway. Will post when I finish.

That’s cool. I expect the DVD will be quite useful. I was just thinking that I knit gauge swatches the size of the front or back of the top.