I’m working on a pillow. The pattern is from Knit It! This is really my first project that is NOT a scarf and is something a little more involved that the basic garter stitch pattern! That hole on the left IS a button hole, not a mistake! :smiley: (There will be five buttons on each side of the pillow.)

Ooh, i saw those patterns and they’re quite lovely! Been thinking about making a couple myself.

The yarn you’ve chosen is absolutely beautiful! What is it?


Thanks! :wink: It’s Lion Brand Jiffy - “Quick and Easy Mohair Look Yarn.” It’s 100% acrylic but totally machine washable and dryable, which I thought would be nice for family room pillows. (Kids, ya know?!)

It’s looking great! What are the button holes for? Are they decoration, or will it actually button to something? :??

Kristin, I’m not sure how this is going to work out in the end. I’m going to attach a photo that is a similar pillow. It’s NOT the one I’m stitching, but it seems to be basically the same idea.

Although now that I look at it…that’s not a bad project for me! LOL

Edited to give directions: I make 5 of the button holes in about 11 inches of fabric. Then I knit until the piece measures 24 inches and bind off. I block the pieces. Then I fold lengthwise with wrong sides together and with buttonhole band on top. I place my buttons correctly and then sew lengthwise. Button one side of pillow and insert pillow form. Button the other side of the pillow and TADA - finished pillow.

Very cute. I like the button detail!

That’s really pretty! I was thinking of making one that was like an envelope with buttons. Not sure if they would be comfy, though I guess you could use the other side. I like yours alot! The colors are beautiful!

Oh I love it, and I bet with the Jiffy its knitting up way fast…I could do that in my family room —that would be great for kids and dogs and cats

VERY cute!!


Yeah, that is a nifty little detail there. Thanks for explaining it!

I like those pillows can’t wait to see your done :thumbsup:

Wow, that’s turning out really great…I love the color. So yummy looking. Can’t wait to see the finished pillow.