Pill-y Booga Bag

Hi, I made a Booga Bag with Noro yarn and, as a new knitter, I was very proud (altho it is a little too small) but…after I felted and used it a week or so, the yarn got all pilly. Has anyone had this happen? Did I not felt it enough? My daughter says it looks like a homeless person’s bag? :frowning:

It may just be the nature of the yarn. You can shave it–I’ve read about different ways, but the simplest seems to be using a regular disposable.

those battery powered sweater shavers work well too.

I will try shaving but does all wool “pill” eventually? Would it happen less if I felted it longer? :??

i don’t think it has anything to do with how long it is felted as a matter of fact felting it longer might worsen it because it will make it more hairy which is your problem. all the hairyness is catching friends and bringin them along for the ride and its matting up your purse. which is why it was suggested above to shave your purse!!! hopes that answers your question!

I’m sorry, the idea of shaving a bag like you’d shave your head is hilarious.

My Noro Kureyon Booga did the same thing; I think it’s the yarn. It would appear that the Lamb’s Pride yarn doesn’t pill as badly; I have a Lopi Tote that I did in that, and it never pills.

I’ve heard good things about The Sweater Stone, by the way.

bummer, I just ordered the noro to do the booga bag.
oh well, i’ll use it and then do something else the next time.