"Pidge Podge" Scarf - Quick & Easy!

I’ve been wanting to make a “Pidge Podge” scarf for a while, because I really like the way they look. The pattern is VERY EASY, and I was able to finish a scarf in one day. I used one skein of Lion “Mystery” yarn. All I have left to do now is sew on the buttons.

:heart: the neck warmer! It’s on my to-do list.

You’ve been busy since finishing the vintage Christmas stockings!


I love it. I will have to try one.

Very delicious looking Sandy! :slight_smile:

Yes I have! I’m getting tired now. Ready to relax for Christmas tomorrow. :sleepy:

Go for it! SO easy and FAST too! :thumbsup:

Thanks Dollyce! I was surprised that the Mystery yarn was as soft as it is. Very easy to knit with, and makes an interesting fabric with the bushy details.

Love it!