Picturing the yarn knitted

i was curious… i am a newbie, and i was wondering how you know what a yarn will look like knitted? does it just take experience?

for instance:

how would the colors blend?

Blend? Do you mean do those two skeins blend well together colorwise?
If so, YES!

Blend? Or, do you mean ‘how will the yarn’s colorations’ distribute?

Boy, that is a good one. I think the first skein will knit up with a tweed effect…no distinct color pooling or striping.

The second one may stripe or pool.

One solution: Google the yarn maker…try to find a website for the yarn…the maker may show some knitted samples.

Sorry I couldn’t tell ya a ‘for sure’! Let us know what you find out!

I don’t know…that’s half the fun for me! I can’t wait to see what the yarn would look like on the needles. :cheering:

I must say, I am not much for colors that aren’t crazy bright but that first one you showed there is BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart: