Pictures of please

Hi AGAIN! lol, here are the pieces of my shrug that have been blocked…Do I just sew them up like the directions here say? This IS MY FIRST GARMENT. I was TIRED of doing scarves and face towels lol.

Thanks for your help.

Oh and JUST in case…here is the pattern…

I don’t know what the patterns says, but here are some links to help you out.

Scroll down to finishing/seaming section.
Mattress Stitch

And check here for more seaming help.
Knitty - seaming

Ok thank you. I will go check these out now.

That’s a great first garment to make!

Just make sure that those triangles you’ve knitted are facing the right direction when you sew them on so that they don’t look odd, (go on, ask me how I know…)! :teehee:

Lookin’ good.