Pictures not showing up

The last 2 times I have been on this site I clicked on “whatcha knitting” and no pictures come up. I see everyone’s texts but that is it. Does anyone else have this problem?

No, but I have had trouble with posting pics. It’s fine if you put the pic in your post when you originally post it. But if you forget and want to put a pic in later, it doesn’t let me. It gives me error messages saying it’s not allowed and I don’t have privileges or something. Like it would with a newbie who’s only done one or two posts. It’s fine if I want to reply to my post. Then I can post the pic. Just one of those quirks.

No, I can see pictures. Check your user settings to see if you have something unchecked, or it could be your computer was low on available memory and didn’t have enough to load images. Also check the Tool settings in your browser to see if you have ‘load images’ enabled.

Yah, it’s easy to accidentally click something and mess it up. I thought I was going to have to get a new lap top. The picture kept going off every 10 minutes. Turned out my power settings were set for the darn thing to go to sleep every 10 minutes. I fixed that baby in a hurry.