Pictures in posts?

This is kinda random, but how do I get pictures onto posts? I’ve tried putting some up from the internet as well as from my computer, and I’m a little stumped because nothing I do seems to work. :??


I’m sure one of the Mods can give you more details but you have to make sure the picture is small enough (file size as well as pixel width). There are websites that will reaize it for free,

I may be a mod, but I’m not an expert. Nina is right about sizing.

After I click on post, I Browse from the Recent pics on my Download Manager and after I select the picture, click on Add Attachment.

You need a small program to resize the pictures. There is one called IRFANVIEW which I use and its free. Just open the pic with it, choose Edit from the drop down menu and resize.

Then below this window where you type your post, click on the browse button and find the file name. Add a comment to the file if you want, then click add attachment.

I can post more detail later, but right now I’m horribly late for an appointment!

I think you have 2 options:

  1. link your internet photos using the “Img” button here, or
    2)you can attach them as files with your post. I struggled with option 1 with my last photo post.
    If you do too, then you will need to do option 2, then you have to have the photos available on your computer. You can read the help on this site for attaching files.

I had the same question. I found under the How to Fourm this website and it walks you thru sizing your pictures. the website is Hope this helps.

Thanks, everyone! :smiley: